Georges “Rush” St. Pierre UFC Wallpaper

Welterweight Number One Contender Georges “Rush” St. Pierre.

Georges St. Pierre Wallpaper

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3 Responses to Georges “Rush” St. Pierre UFC Wallpaper

  1. Ramone "the Killer" Malone

    George St. Pussy is not a fighter.
    who has he beat Matt Hughes?
    Hasn’t everyone tho?
    George St. Pierre will lose on April 5 to Matt Serra
    There is no arguement or question


  2. admin

    You’re out of your mind. Matt Hughes only has 6 losses, 2 of which from GSP, and 1 to BJ Penn. The rest he got earlier in his career. GSP has beat just about every top fighter in the Welterweight division. So basically, you have no idea what you’re talking about.


  3. WEE

    If you can resize this to 1024×768 it will be greatly appreciated.


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